Premium Sales & Service Team

Nicole Houin

Director, Premium Sales and Service | 313-471-7311

Fun Fact: If its on the water I love it, including scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and deep sea fishing!

Ron Thatch

Manager, Premium Service | 313-471-7314

Fun Fact: I am the #1 DC fan on the planet. I know every single detail about Destiny’s Child career and I am unashamed!

Landon Starks

Account Executive, Premium Sales | 313-471-7312

Fun Fact: I believe the Weeknd is the greatest performer of all time… would love to hear your argument against it.

Marcus Vazquez

Account Executive, Premium Sales | 313-471-7316

Fun Fact: I am a big Harry Potter Fan. I belong in the Ravenclaw House, my sorting hat said so!

Mike Rau

Account Executive, Premium Service | 313-471-7309

Fun Fact: I play the guitar, bass, and drums. I love Metallica and am a huge speaker nerd and vinyl collector.