Rules & Policies for Fox Theatre

Doors generally open 60 minutes prior to a concert or event and 90 minutes prior to a theater show.

Late Arrival

Select performances prohibit late seating; therefore, please allow adequate time to arrive at the theatre, undergo security screening and find your appropriate seats. It is recommended guests plan to be seated at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled show time. Once a performance has begun, guests may be seated in an alternate location – or not seated – until an appropriate interval in the performance. This policy will be implemented and adjusted as necessary to minimize disruption to select performances.

Cameras, Tablets, Audio And Video Recorders

Generally, cameras, tablets, audio recorders and video recorders are not permitted in the Fox Theatre; this policy, however, is altered to accommodate the preference of the artist. To inquire if cameras, tablets, audio or video recorders are permitted for a particular event, please contact us at 313.471.3200.

Security Screening

To ensure the highest level of safety and security, all guests are subject to a courteous screening upon entering the Fox Theatre; security measures include screening via walk-through metal detector and bag inspections. Please note, all personal belongings are subject to inspection and prohibited items discovered during security inspections must either be returned to the owner’s vehicle or discarded. Items will not be held for later pick-up.

Prohibited Items

Items prohibited in the Fox Theatre include – but are not limited to – weapons (this includes weapons accompanied by a valid CPL permit), aerosol cans (hair spray, mace, pepper spray, etc.), outside food & beverage, pocket knives, utility tools, laser light pointers, bottles, cans, large bags and coolers. Prohibited items discovered during security inspections must either be returned to the owner’s vehicle or discarded: Items will not be held for later pick-up. The Fox Theatre reserves the right to expand or modify the items prohibited at any time.

Lost And Found

All found items are submitted to our Corporate Security Department following the event; please contact (313) 471-6490 to inquire.


Barrier-free seating locations and restrooms are provided; please advise the box office of any special needs or seating requirements when ordering tickets. To order Accessible Seating tickets, please call our Accessible Seating Voicemail System at 313.471.3211 and follow the prompts.

Fire Exits

Fire exits are indicated by lighted, red signs; please use the exit nearest your seat for the shortest route out of the theater.

Hearing Assistive Devices

Hearing assistive devices are available on a first come, first served basis. To obtain a headset, please visit the Guest Services kiosk located in the Grand Lobby; a driver’s license or picture ID must be exchanged for a device (this is a complimentary service.)

Cellular Phones

Please refrain from utilizing cellular phones in the Auditorium.

Contacting A Patron

The Fox Theatre does not have a paging system; in the event of an emergency, please contact the Corporate Security Department at 313.471.6490 with the name and seating location of the patron you are attempting to contact.

First Aid

First aid is available at all events.


ATM's are located on the Main Floor and Mezzanine levels of the theatre on the left and right sides of the building.

Fox Parking Structure

The Fox Parking Structure is located between Woodward Avenue and Park Street, just south of I-75 (Fisher Freeway.) Entrances are on the Fisher Freeway service drive and Montcalm Street; the 1,100 car parking tower is well lit, secure and includes ample accessible parking locations (accessible parking spaces are adjacent to the glass elevators on all eight levels.)

Food And Beverage

Food and beverage are permitted in the Auditorium for all events unless explicitly indicated otherwise; bars and concessions stands are located throughout the theatre.


Elevators to the Mezzanine and Galleries are located to the right of the Grand Lobby.


Restrooms serving Main Floor patrons are located in the lower level lounge areas; the men’s restroom is located on the right side of the theatre and the women’s is located on the left. The Mezzanine and Gallery A, B and C men’s restrooms are located on the left side of the theatre and the women’s are located on the right. Barrier-free restrooms are located on the Main Floor and Gallery C (left side of the theatre.)


Smoking is prohibited inside the Fox Theatre; designated smoking areas are located outside the building.