Ivy Lounge Reservations

The Ivy Lounge is available exclusively to DTE Royal Members and their guests ONLY with ticket or passes that say Ivy Lounge on them.  Reservations must be made 48 business hours prior to the show.  Any reservations or changes to reservations within 48 hours of a show can not be guaranteed. Reservations are only available day of show until 12pm. 

Ivy Lounge access on a ticket is required in order to gain admittance into the Ivy Lounge. Having reservations is not sufficient for admittance. Please review the examples below for proper display of Ivy Lounge access on tickets.

Ivy_Lounge _Tix_1.jpg Ivy_Lounge_Tix_2.jpg

If you have questions or concerns about your reservation, please send an email to concertreservations@levyrestaurants.com.