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 The Beastie Boys' legendary 1987 co-headlining tour with Run-DMC and the latter's 2002 appearance with rockers Aerosmith are just two of the legendary hip-hop concerts that have played at Pine Knob. Old School and newbies have beat their way into the theater since the late `80s, with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Eve, Mac Miller, Future, Tyler, The Creator and so many others, many headlining their own multi-artist bills. Local hero Eminem, meanwhile, made his only venue appearance with a surprise cameo during 50 Cent's Rock The Mic Tour on Aug. 21, 2003. 

Beastie Boys, 1987 | Ross Marino

RUN DMC & Aerosmith, 2002 | Sue Plummer

Wiz Khalifa, 2019 | Chris Schwegler

Tyler, the Creator, 2015 | Chris Schwegler

Drake, 2014 | Chris Schwegler

Mac Miller, 2012 | Steve Galli

Future, 2017 | Chris Schwegler

Eve, 2016 | Chris Schwegler

Kendrick Lamar, 2012 | Steve Galli

Nelly, 2019 | Chris Schwegler

TLC, 2019 | Chris Schwegler