Legends In The House

Pine Knob hit the ground running from day one, hosting 72 shows during an initial summer that closed with Chuck Berry playin' a song like ringin' a bell and duck-walking across the proscenium stage. That first season – which included multi-night stands by Liza Minnelli, Neil Diamond, Pearl Bailey, Johnny Mathis and a production of the musical Hair established Pine Knob as a home for legends and a must-visit stop on touring itineraries for, quite literally, all of entertainment's biggest stars. 

Elton John, 1986 | Ross Marino

Dolly Parton, 1978 | Andy Freeberg

Chuck Berry, 1972 | David Griffith

B.B King, 1980 | Darryl Pitt

Liberace, 1978 | Andy Freeberg

Prince, 1997 | Ken Settle