"Being outside is a different kind of show. It's more of a kind of party – the sunshine, the tailgates, the energy. It's much more conducive to what we're all about." - Jimmy Buffett 

"People in Detroit know their music – they've always known their music, very knowledgeable. If they like you there, you really feel like you're doing something right." - Peter Frampton

"The fans at Pine Knob are always the best. The configuration of the pavilion is such that they're right there, man, right in your face. And then you have the people farther back and up on the lawn and the party begins to rage. By the time you get to the end of the show, it's nuts." - James Pankow, Chicago

Mayhem Festival - Slayer Fans, 2015 | Chris Schwegler

Slipknot, 2016 | Chris Schwegler

Under The Sun Tour - Sugar Ray Fans, 2015 | Chris Schwegler

Imagine Dragons Fans, 2018 | Chris Balow

Mumford & Sons fans, 2015 | Chris Schwegler

G-Eazy fans, 2018 | Chris Schwegler

Mumford & Sons fans, 2015 | Chris Schwegler